martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Se ríen de Cristina Kirchner

La Señora KK es el hazmerreir del mundo. Los ingleses se burlan de su menú de $ 6,oo diarios.

SIX Argentine pesos ($1.30 at the official exchange rate, or about $1 on the black market) is just enough to buy an alfajor, a sweet biscuit nibbled between meals over coffee. But according to the government, it is more than sufficient to buy an entire day’s food. On August 10th INDEC, the national statistics agency, declared that a family of four should be considered above the poverty line if its monthly food bill exceeded 688 pesos, equal to about six pesos per person per day. The claim has stuck in the throats of ordinary Argentines, who have to spend far more than this to keep hunger at bay thanks to galloping inflation. Indignant citizens created mock advertisements featuring pizzas the size of finger nails. Hackers disabled the INDEC website, tweeting: “Now you’ll have to use your six little pesos to restore your page :)”. 

Fuente: The Economist
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